LISTSERV 16 at Princeton University

NOTE: On April 17th, 2014, LISTSERV was upgraded to LISTSERV 16.

Princeton faculty, staff and students: Please log in using your University password.

Non-Princeton users: Please log in with your existing stand-alone password.



Princeton faculty, staff and students: Your login user name is the full e-mail address. Your password is your University password. Non-Princeton users: You can create your LISTSERV password or reset your password (if you have forgotten it) from the following "Get a LISTSERV Password" to initiate this process.


If you have a question or need help navigating LISTSERV, please call the OIT Help Desk at 8-4357 (option 3) or e-mail listhelp@Princeton.EDU.

LISTSERV offers a variety of features such as:

Enhanced Web Interface
The redesigned Web interface provides a sleek, modern look, improved usability and easier navigation.

List Management Dashboard
The List Management Dashboard provides at-a-glance information about your lists, including a customizable list report and information about messages awaiting moderation.

Personal Preferences
Users can set persistent personal preferences to control the appearance and default settings of the Web interface, including expertise level (expert, basic, tutorial), preferred start page, navigation style and report and archive preferences.

Improved Web Archives
The improved Web archives now display and fully support HTML and multi-part messages, including easy access to attachments. It is possible to maintain up to two years of archives online. If you desire this service, please contact OIT Business Applications Support at x4357, option 3 or at

RSS Support
LISTSERV supports RSS feeds, enabling users to view messages using an RSS reader.